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Insufflation Device RAPID O2

Rapid02 insufflation device:
Non-sterile / Box quantity: 5 /
Code: 2290-001

Rapid02 procedure pack:
Sterile / Includes: procedure tray, 2x14g cannula with 5ml syringe / Box quantity: 5 /
Code: SU2290-002


A safer way of delivering oxygen in a ‘can’t intubate can’t oxygenate’ (CICO) scenario. Simple and effective. Both sterile and non-sterile options are single use.

The problem

Many commonly used devices for jet ventilation (via cannula cricothyroidotomy) do not allow adequate flow and pressure release during the expiratory pause. If the patient has upper airway obstruction there is a real risk of lung hyperinflation. The solution: Placing the thumb over the hole causes lung inflation and effective oxygenation. When the thumb is removed, expiration of gas occurs. With cautious jetting the risk of significant residual pressure prior to re-inflation is reduced.


  • Flow and pressure release during ‘expiration’ enables lung deflation via cannula.
  • Easy to use.
  • Manufactured in the UK to full CE standards.

This reduces risk of :

  • Lung hyperinflation and barotrauma.
  • Raised intrathoracic pressure that may impair cardiac output.
  • Sensory feedback of cannula occlusion.
  • Cost point that enables a Rapid02 to be kept in every theatre for immediate use in a time critical emergency.

Clinical Papers :

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