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The exciting new Safe-T-Bag vastly enhances current practice. Featuring a translucent body, exhalation micron-filter protection and capnography capability, the Safe-T-Bag will improve post-operative safety and care within the OT and PACU environment. Creating a safer environment for your patients and staff.

Individually packaged and labelled to improve handling and storage safety, with lot number traceability!


SAFE-T-BAG enhanced airway attachment device


    1. Bag stands upright for optimal visibility
    2. Highly compliant bag material for indicating shallow respiration or breathing effort
    3. Translucent body allows visualisation of foreign material or blockages in the device
    4. Capnography port for monitoring CO2
    5. Micron-filter on expiratory port with bacterial viral protection for OT and PACU staff. Tested efficacy of 99.9+% for airborne contaminants
    6. Standard O2 fitting
    7. Standard 15mm airway device connector
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