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Single Use Forceps Adson Style

Insu-Tip standard.
Energy focused between the tips allowing lower power setting to be used.

Box quantity: 20

Additional information

Single use adson 130mm

Tip size: 2mm / Code – SU792013044
Tip size: 1mm / Code – SU791013044
Tip size: 0.5mm / Code – SU790513044

Single use adson 150mm

Tip size: 2mm / Code – SU790515044
Tip size: 1mm / Code – SU791015044
Tip size: 0.5mm / Code – SU792015044

INSU-TIP adson 130m

Tip size: 2mm / Code – SU890513044
Tip size: 1mm / Code – SU891013044
Tip size: 0.5mm / Code – SU892013044

INSU-TIP adson 150m

Tip size: 2mm / Code – SU890515044
Tip size: 1mm / Code – SU891015044
Tip size: 0.5mm / Code – SU892015044

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